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Loading buffers – Red, Blue, Orange & Cyan

To be able to load your DNA samples onto agarose or SDS DNA gels for gel electrophoresis, loading buffers are used. DNA loading buffers have two characteristics. 
1.    Visualization of your DNA sample due to a coloured dye; easier for pipetting your samples as well as tracking them across the gel during electrophoresis. 
2.    Increase of DNA density due to density agent; allowing the DNA to sink into the bottom of the wells.


•    Ready-to-use
•    5x formulation
•    4 different loading dyes available

We offer four different loading buffers varying in dyes and migration fronts. This makes it easy to select the right loading buffer for your lab. 
All loading buffers contain Ficoll, Tris-buffer, EDTA and either Xylene cyanol FF, Cresol Red, Bromophenol Blue or Orange G as tracking dye. 



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PCR Ladders

DNA ladders are used to determine both size as well as for quantification of PCR products during electrophoresis. DNA ladders contain a set of different sized DNA fragments which are visualized as
bands on agarose or SDS DNA gels. Size and quantity of PCR products are determined by comparing them to the size and quantity of the bands in the DNA ladder. 

Our PCR DNA ladders are ready-to-use and can be used with TAE as well as TBE electrophoresis systems. 

•    Iqon DNA Ladder
•    High Range DNA Ladder
•    Low Range DNA Ladder
•    PCR DNA Ladder


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