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Next to our Master Mixes, we also provide (the same) polymerases individually or together with other reagents in kits. See all of our polymerases listed below. 

  • Taq DNA polymerase 
    • TEMPase Hot Start DNA Polymerase
    • Glycerol Free
  • Taq DNA Polymerase Glycrol Free
  • TEMPase Hot Start DNA Polymerase Glycerol Free
  • AQ90 High Fidelity DNA Polymerase
  • AccuPOL DNA Polymerase
  • S7 Fusion Polymerase™

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S7 Fusion Polymerase™

S7 Fusion Polymerase™ is a robust and a high-fidelity DNA polymerase that shows remarkable results in multiple PCR applications. Fusion of the polymerase to the Sso7d domain from Sulfolobus solfataricus, which has processivity enhancing capabilities, makes the S7 Fusion Polymerase™ one of the fastest and most robust PCR polymerases on the market. Is has a 3’ to 5’ exonuclease (proofreading) activity and creates blunt ends in PCR. 


  • High performance, also with high GC content templates
  • Resistant to PCR inhibitors
  • Very high fidelity
  • High yields with amplicons up to 20 kb
  • Works with various sample materials, including direct blood

Comparison of S7 Fusion Polymerase to another high fidelity enzyme (P), both with GC and HF buffer, and a standard Taq polymerase. A 2756 bp PCR ampliqon was analyzed by PacBio sequencing and the percentage of PCR errors is displayed in the figure above. Using high fidelity polymerases result in less errors compared to using the standard Taq polymerase and using HF buffers show best performances. 


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