16S/16S-18S Microbiome analysis

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16S/16S-18S Microbiome analysis

Depending on your input source, we offer different kits and services.
When looking at the gut microbiome, the 16S Long Read kit or the 16S Read Cloud kit will be the most suited solution.
When working with environmental samples, such as soil or water, the 16S-18S kit will give the best results as this one has been optimized to work with low biomass samples.

Unlike other kits that mostly only target V3 and V4, the Loop Genomics technology enables targeting the entire 16S gene and therefore all 9 variable regions. This enables a far more accurate classification of species down to species level with great confidence.

With LoopSeq 16S and LoopSeq 16S-18S, the power of single molecule counting is combined to long-read sequencing, resulting in the lowes possible false positive rate and the best species level classification. 
The technology allows to sequence each 16S molecule V1-V9 in a sample and to phase each molecule.
In addition, the single-molecule counting technology eliminates PCR bias and reports molecules based on true abundance. This means that even molecules in very low abundance are detected and quantified, giving a true and accurate image of the species in your sample.

The LoopSeq technology enables over 90% of the reads being classified to species level, whereas with the common V3-V4 systems only allow 35-40% of the reads being classified to species level.


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