S7 Fusion Polymerase™ , 100U



Mobidiag S7 tubes and package

Robustness and high fidelity to amplify your most challenging targets

S7 Fusion Polymerase™

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S7 Fusion Polymerase™ is a high-fidelity DNA polymerase that offers extraordinary performance in PCR applications. The polymerase is fused to the processivity enhancing Sso7d domain from Sulfolobus solfataricus, making S7 Fusion Polymerase™ one of the fastest and most robust PCR polymerases on the market. S7 used with HF buffer provides best fidelity and with GC buffer best robustness with very good fidelity over a variety of conditions. The polymerase possesses a 3’ -> 5’ exonuclease (proofreading) activity and it generates blunt ends in PCR.

For research use only


  • Efficient amplification with high sensitivity of low abundance targets in multiplex assays
  • Efficient amplification and ultra-sensitive detection in inhibitory sample materials
  • Extremely low content of residual DNA makes the master mix ideal for detection of bacterial DNA in multiplex assays

  • High performance even with GC-rich templates
  • Resistant to PCR inhibitors
  • Extremely high fidelity
  • High yields with short and long (up to 20kb) amplicons
  • Works with a variety of sample materials, incl. direct blood

S7 Fusion Polymerase Package Insert.pdf S7 Fusion Polymerase brochure.pdf This product is licensed from Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. under U.S. Pat. Nos. 6,627,424, 7,541,170, 7,670,808, 7,919,296, 8,232,078, 8,415,129, 8,476,045, 8,895,283, 8,900,846, and 9,139,873, and 7,560,260, 8,367,376, and 8,470,573, and related patents including corresponding patents in other countries, for use only in genomic applications in standard (non-real-time) PCR in the life science research field. The purchaser/end-user of this product is not licensed or authorized to use the product in any in-vitro diagnostic, industrial microbiology, real-time PCR, or digital PCR application. How to get started?


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