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Application notes

BMG Labtech Application Notes

The Unique Laser-Based Microplate Nephelometer

The NEPHELOstar Plus microplate nephelometer detects particles in liquid samples by measuring forward scattered light when a laser beam is directed through the solution. This scattered light is detected at angles of up to 80°, making it approximately thirty times more sensitive than traditional transmission readers that measure the reduction in direct light passing through a sample well.

Flexibility and performance of the NEPHELOstar Plus allow more applications to be adapted to microplate-based laser nephelometry than ever before:

  • Automated drug solubility screening
  • Microbial growth kinetics monitoring
  • Precipitation and polymerization monitoring

The intensity and beam diameter of the laser light can be adjusted in the easy to use software, and this allows measurement of light scatter in colored or turbid solutions. In addition, the flexible beam diameter allows measurement in 24, 48, 96 and 384-well microplate format.

These features, along with Digital Photon Integration (DPI) technology and a detection angle of 80°, ensure that the NEPHELOstar Plus is approximately thirty times more sensitive than conventional transmission readers.

Temperature-regulated heating plates above and below the entire plate movement area provide uniform incubation up to 38°C.

Developed to meet high-throughput demands, this microplate-based nephelometer is faster than conventional solubility detection methods with the highest sensitivity and flexibility.

Self-monitoring laser diode

The light source is a red laser with a wavelength range of 635 nm. A laser diode has the advantage of higher stability than other light sources which gives better precision. The laser intensity can be adjusted via the software.

Variable laser beam width

An exclusive feature of the NEPHELOstar Plus: the ability to adjust laser beam width. With a narrow beam width, liquid surface effects (meniscus effects) are minimized.

Reads 384-well plate formats

The NEPHELOstar Plus is the only microplate nephelometer with the ability to read 384-well plates with excellent sensitivity. Use less sample and produce more data per plate.

Full-cone angle detection system

With the most advanced detection system, the NEPHELOstar Plus can integrate the largest scattering angle, up to 80°.


Measurement modes: Endpoint and kinetic measurement
Drug solubility testing
Bacterial and fungal growth
Quality control
Quantification of macromolecules
Formation of immunocomplexes
Light source: Self-monitoring laser diode
Wavelength 635±10 nm
Stability <0.2% deviation
Lifetime 20,000 hours
Output: 1 mW
Selectable beam width: 1.5-3.5 mm
Selectable intensity 0-100%
Detects up to 80° full cone angle
Detector: Side-window, current type photomultiplier tube
Gain Control: Software selectable gain 1:4000 in 256 steps
Automatic gain adjustment
Reagent Injection: Up to three built-in reagent injectors
Injection into the well at measurement position
Individual injection volumes for each well
Injection volumes down to 3 µL
Reagent back flushing
Shaking: Orbital and linear; programmable shaking time and width
Temperature Control: Temperature range from +5°C above ambient to 38°C
Temperature stability 0.2°C
Sensitivity: Depends on particle size and liquid properties
Silica detection (particle size 0.5 to 10 µm) 800 nM
Dynamic Range: 5 decades
Maximum measurement value (1s= 500,000 Relative Nephelometry Units)
Microplate Formats: Up to 384-well plates
Reading Speed (96-well): 23s
Reading Speed (384-well): 66s
Detection modes: Nephelometry
Wavelength range: 635 nm
Special: Applications include: solubility screening of compunds, microbial growth kinetics, AB-Ag interaction, precipitation and polymerization monitoring, ADME studies, etc.


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