Intracellular ATP kit

Intracellular ATP kit



The Intracellular ATP Kit HS is intended for determination of intracellular ATP in bacterial cells. The Intracellular ATP Kit is suitable if you for example want to determine ATP in a pure bacterial culture free of mammalian cells and extracellular ATP.

The HS reagent used has a high sensitivity, making it possible to detect down to 5 bacterial cells (depending on the sensitivity of the luminometer). The high sensitivity is due to the high luciferase activity in the reagent, which has the extra advantage that if the reagent is contaminated during reconstitution the ATP background will be degraded by one order of magnitude every 38 min. After mixing the sample and ATP Reagent HS the light will decay with approx. 6%/min. This is slow enough to allow manual mixing if a luminometer with dispensers is not available.

Please note that the number of bacterial cells and CFU is not the same, since one CFU might consist of several bacterial cells. If the detection limit is not adequate it is possible to concentrate the sample by microfiltration. This will remove almost all extracellular ATP.

If you are in doubt that 266-111 Intracellular ATP Kit HS is suitable for your assay, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Measurement of ATP in cells and micro-organisms after elimination of extracellular ATP

  • Fast Assay: Results within minutes
  • Highly Sensitive: 10-17 mol ATP (~ 5 bacteria)
  • Reliable: Stable, Ready-to-use ATP Standard
  • Cost-efficient: No Standard curve required
  • Flexible: Choice of µ-plate and cuvette methods


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