Invisorb Spin Universal Kit for simultaneous isolation - 50 purifications

PRODUCT CODE1050100200


CE-IVD Universal kit for isolation of Nucleic Acids

Spin Columns

The Invisorb® Spin Universal Kit is the ideal tool for isolation and purification of higly pure total nucleic acid, like human genomic DNA, bacterial DNA, viral DNA and RNA from 200 µl of fresh or frozen plasma, serum, urine, cell free body fluids as well as rinsed liquid from swabs, breast milk, pretreated sputum, BAL and supernatant from stool suspension or whole blood (100 µl), and additionally only for veterinary applications from allantoic fluid or rinse liquid from cloacal or tracheal swabs and from organ abrasions

  • One kit for a variety of starting materials and applications

  • Optimized protocols for different starting materials

  • Universal nucleic acid purification system for genomic, bacterial, viral DNA and viral RNA

  • Safe handling of infectious samples by using capped spin columns

  • For In Vitro Diagnostic Use (CE-IVD)*

Invisorb® Spin Universal Kit

Also available in 250 purifications

Also available in automated format  with 4x12 purifications or 8x12 purifications


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