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Newsletter: Make your lab life easier

NanoDrop One Summer Sale!

The NanoDrop One can do much more than just a DNA, RNA or protein concentration check. 

Detection of sample contamination and concentration correction due to the Acclaro Sample Inteligence software.

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NanoDrop One system features: 
•    Save bench space – standalone design (no PC required!)
•    Instant sample quality feedback in seconds
•    Droplet forming check with visualization technique
•    Now even faster with Auto-Measure

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New NanoDrop QC for liquid polymers and chemicals

Doing quality control of liquids such as lubricants, adhesives or dyes? Start using the new NanoDrop QC!

No more cuvettes, no more dilutions. 
Improve you sample workflow. Get results faster.
Simplify your chemometric data analysis.

•    Measure highly concentrated solutions

     without dilution.
•    Online process quality checks.
•    Save time by instant chemometrics. 

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