Isogen Life Science Highlights - Pipettes, gloves and tips

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Isogen Life Science Highlights - Pipettes, gloves and tips

Smart Instruments for your daily workflow

Only € 1912 until the end of March 2019

The smartest instruments for your lab: mixing, heating and cooling for only € 1912 with the same quality, look, feel and ease of use.
And that is just one of the many special deals you will find in our promotion brochure.
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Offer valid until 31 March 2019

Tips to help keep your PCR contamination free

Isogen Life Science offers a full range of high quality plastics for PCR including PCR tubes, PCR strips and well plates.
Read more about our wide range of expertly designed, injection-moulded high quality consumables.
Protect your samples in your PCR against unwanted contamination by using TipOne® filter tips.

Green Design

Save Lab Space and Save Resources

Thanks to the compact design of the new TipOne® refill, a reduction of up to 60% in volume, and up to 50% in weight has been achieved. This results in less consumption of resources and much lower CO₂ emissions during production and transportation. To provide you with the highest quality pipette tips, with a long term strategy for our planet, Isogen Life Science is proud to represent: Starlab TipOne® Tip.
Read more about the environmentally friendly aspect of TipOne pipette tips


Your pipette is a precision instrument and must be trusted to perform well, day in, day out.  When your pipettes wear out, they become inaccurate and prone to contamination. Read more...

Choose your set of 4 ErgoOne Single-Channel Pipettes and get 8 boxes of 960 tips for free!

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Offer valid until 31 March 2019

Gloves, what you need to know

In your daily lab routine, gloves are used for the protection of your samples and yourself. They have become such a common product in the laboratory, one might forget what important job they have.
It might sound like a standard consumable, but there are some clear differences in types of gloves, and their purpose in the lab.
Any glove used is a temporary safety solution. Do your gloves meet the specified requirements?

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