Microplate reader

Microplate reader

Isogen Life Science has been supplying innovative and high-quality instruments to the life science industry since 1987. Our range includes various plate readers, an indispensable instrument in life science research. We would like to tell you more about the plate readers you can order from us on this page. If you need further advice on which plate reader best suits your requirements and budget, please don’t hesitate to ask.

BMG microplate readers

One of our main microplate reader brands is BMG. This leading producer is known for the excellent quality of their products and progressive innovations within their field.


The CLARIOstar and the CLARIOstar Plus are the flagship products of BMG Labtech. With advanced LVF Monochromators, filters and spectrometer, this versatile jack-of-all-trades is in high demand, for instance as an instrument for assay development.


AS, TRF, TR-FRET, UV/vis, Fl and Lum are the detection modes of the FLUOstar Omega. Thanks to its high speed, this microplate reader fits perfectly within a highly-efficient life science lab.


The first and only laser-based microplate nephelometer is, of course, also produced by BMG. Naturally, laboratories in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain and Portugal buy this Nephelometer at Isogen Life Science.


For laboratories with high throughput speeds, the PHERAstar HTS plate reader is an ideal solution. This machine can handle microplates of up to 3456 wells.


The BMG POLARstar Omega microplate reader offers the perfect combination of performance and flexibility for any life science lab. Thanks to fluorescence polarization technology, this machine can do just that little bit more than the FLUOstar.


Those who like straightforward solutions will love the SPECTROstar. This microplate reader can analyse both microplates and separate samples via the integrated cuvette port. With speeds of up to 1sec/well and straightforward push-button operation, almost anyone can perform a UV/vis analysis.

BMG microplate reader supplier

Isogen is the leading supplier in the field of life science technology in the Benelux and Spain/Portugal. In addition to microplate readers, our range also includes all associated consumables. You can contact us for a non-binding quote or advice on which microplate reader best fits your requirements. We are happy to assist you.