Gel Documentation Systems


Gel Documentation Systems and ChemiLuminescence/ECL Western Blot imagers

Gel Documentation Systems

Intas Gel Doc systems are Compact, Modular, Innovative and Flexible.

With the new Intas Gel Jet imager and GelStick Touch, you can create images of your sample gels in just seconds. 

•    The motorized autofocus - crisp images in less than a second. 
•    The user-friendly image acquisition software with touchscreens.
•    Setting the exposure time, Auto exposure time, Autofocus, Predefined zoom levels, stepless zoom, and lots of other features to make your lab life easier.
•    Scientific Grade Camera 5.0 megapixel
•    Absolute sharpness in every zoom level
•    Very fast autofocus ONE TOUCH
•    Upgrade to Western Blot Imager possible.
•    UV special filters (Ethidium bromide, GelRed, Midori, HD Green etc.)
•    And so on….

Read the full specifications in the brochure

GelStick Touch imager

Do you want a Touch Screen on your Gel Doc system then the GelStick Touch is your choice. 
Download here the brochure

Gel Jet Imager

Do you want a separate PC next to your Gel Doc System then the Gel Jet Imager is your favorite.
Download here the brochure

ChemiLuminescence/ECL Western Blotting imagers

Chemostar Touch
New compact chemiluminescence imager with its optional fluorescence module 

Chemostar ECL & Fluorescence Imager
Compact ECL & Fluorescence Westernblot Imager

Chemostar XL
2D Fluorescence imager

Download here more information on the Chemostar imagers and Advanced Fluorescence imagers.

Safe HDGreen Plus Dye

A non-toxic fluorescent dye for the detection of DNA / RNA in agarose gels.
Intra HDGreen ™ Plus stained DNA bands fluoresce optimally when excited by UV or blue LED light.
The Intas HDGreen ™ Plus DNA Dye has achieved significantly better results in tests than the already very successful Intas HDGreen ™ DNA Dye and is thus far ahead of other competitor products

The mutagenicity tests performed by an independent laboratory classify Intas HDGreen ™ Plus as non-mutagenic.

Download the available HDGreen Plus Safe DNA Dye report



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