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Our ready to use Master Mixes are great alternative options to your regular individual PCR reagents. By only adding your template and primer pairs you are able to run a PCR quickly and successfully. Due to the fewer handling steps contamination of the stock reagents is minimised and the reproducibility of your experiments will be enhanced. Next to this, it is simply less time consuming! 

Each of our Master Mixes has its own benefits. 
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Taq DNA Polymerase Master Mix RED

Ready-to-use premixed solutions are perfect for your standard PCRs. Taq polymerases give steady and reliable results. All Master Mixes are 2x reaction mixtures available with a final MgCl2 concentration of 1.5 mM or 2.0 mM.

Perfect for direct loading of your PCR products after amplification. No need for additional loading buffers. This Master Mix consists of a Taq DNA Polymerase, ammonium (NH4+) buffer system, dNTPs and magnesium chloride (MgCl2). 
Next to this, it contains a red dye and stabiliser which both do not affect the PCR reaction. If desired, the red dye can be removed afterwards by using PureIT ExoZAP PCR CleanUp or spin column purification. 
The amplified PCR products generated by Taq DNA Polymerase Master Mix RED can also directly be used for sequencing after treatment with the same methods used to remove the red dye. 

•    Premixed solution
•    Direct loading on agarose and SDS DNA gels
•    Easy visualization of pipetting and loading gels
•    Minimal optimisation
•    Dye front runs at 300 – 1000 bp on a 0.5 – 1.5 % agarose gel
•    No need for a separate loading buffer
•    Higher reproducibility due to less pipetting steps
•    High product yield
•    dUTP incorporation possible
•    Processes up to 5 kb
•    Leaves a 3’dA overhang

Direct Gel Loading

PCR products can be loaded onto agarose and SDS DNA gels directly after amplification. The red dye visualizes the product for both pipetting and gel loading.


The Taq DNA Polymerase Master Mix RED was compared to other polymerases of well-known companies. Four DNA targets of different lengths were investigated; PAH (203 bp), Q8 (727 bp), CFTR (613 bp) and BAIP (788 bp). Taq DNA Polymerase Master Mix RED showed an equally well of better results in this study. Every amplification has been performed according to the suppliers protocol. 

RealQ Plus PCR Master Mix

RealQ Plus PCR Master Mixes are ready-to-use 2x master mixes used for different Real-Time PCR applications. Real-Time PCR is a very nice technique to analyse gene expression levels and quantification of DNA. 
RealQ Plus master mixes consist of TEMPase Hot Start DNA Polymerase, dNTPs, MgCl2 and a special buffer system necessary to carry out high quality DNA amplification. The RealQ Plus PCR Master Mixes have a high stability and efficiency when working with cDNA and gDNA. 
To ensure you that RealQ Plus PCR Master Mix gives the same robust results time after time, we can proudly say that the Master Mix is produced under ISO 9001:2015 conditions. 

Two variants are available in combination with three different ROX™ reference dye levels. 

RealQ Plus Master Mix Green; DNA-binding fluorescent dye detection
RealQ Plus Master Mix for Probe; probe-base real-time PCR based detection

To select the correct ROX™ reference dye levels for your specific Real-Time PCR applications, check the “Real-Time instrument guide”.
Both Master Mixes can be chosen when many genes need to be analysed within a short amount of time. 

•    High specificity, reproducibility, efficiency and stability
•    Reaction set-up at room temperature
•    All-in-one premixed 2x solution

[insert image here]

High efficacy and precision

Amplification plot shows a 4-fold dilution series for the Pthr gene (75 bp); 80 ng to 80 pg of gDNA. RealQ Plus 2x Master Mix for Probe, High ROX™ was used. Samples are in triplicates. Results show a high efficacy and high precision which is close to 100%. 


This amplification plot shows high reproducibility capacity of the RealQ Plus 2x Master Mix Green, High ROX and 20 ng gDNA. 
Only 0.084 standard deviation after 80 replications. 


Picture: “RealQ MM RT Stability 48hr Ampliqon Website


Picture: “RealQ MM RT Stability 72hr Ampliqon Website

Picture: “RealQ MM RT Stability 48hr Table Ampliqon Website


Two plates were prepared for a qPCR reaction, but were incubated afterwards in the dark at room temperature for 48 and 72 hr before the actual run. High stability and complete inactivation state of the TEMPase is seen before hot start. This allows scientists to run their plates at a later and/or more convenient time instead of directly after setting up the reaction.

For more information, download the brochure or ask your questions or request a quote

AQ90 High Fidelity DNA Polymerase Master Mix
AQ90 High Fidelity DNA Polymerase Master Mix is a 2x Master Mix used in applications in which high fidelity is important like in cloning, next generation sequencing (NGS) applications and/or mutagenesis. It has the ability to amplify difficult DNA targets (with low or high GC content) as well as long DNA targets. 

•    2x all in one master mix
•    Quick reaction set up
•    High fidelity
•    3’ to 5’ proofreading exonuclease activity
•    Extra low error rate
•    Processes up to 8.5 kb gDNA and ≤ 12 kb for λDNA
•    Good amplification on DNA template with low to high GC content

AQ90 2x Master Mix results in a robust amplification


Picture: “AQ90 High Fidelity” 
Both AQ90 High Fidelity DNA Polymerase as well as AQ90 High Fidelity 2x Master Mix result in good results on various DNA targets (from low to high GC content). Above 9 different targets were tested, varying in length (200 – 700 bp) and GC content (29 – 78 %). Amplification of targets containing 71 – 78 % GC content was only working properly in combination with Betaine Enhancer Solution (2M) in the PCR mixture. 

Long range amplification

Picture: “AQ90 Long Range Amplification”


Large and difficult amplicons can successfully be amplified by using the AQ90 High Fidelity DNA Polymerase 2x Master Mix as depicted here on the left. Four different human gDNA targets were used varying from 2 kb to 8.5 kb were used in this test.