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Summer 2016 Special Offers

Counting cells like you do, consistently … get the picture

Manual - and often inconsistent - cell counting has a large influence on your downstream process.
The CountStar automated cell counter reproducibly measures cell count, viability, volume and many more within 30 seconds using any stain you like.

Read more about our new Countstar family.
Buy a cell counter, get 250 counts for free. Contact support@isogen-lifescience.com for a quotation.

Special offer on pipettes and Smart Instruments

15% discount on Smart Instruments: centrifuges, magnetic stirrers, vortices, tube rollers and much much more.

15 % discount on pipettes. Stock up!

Read all about our Smart Instruments

Read all about our pipettes

Contact support@isogen-lifescience.com for your personal quotation

Your own ECL imager within reach

Isogen Life Science offers you a Western blotting imager (ProXima 2850) for only € 11 990 including a free substrate kit.

Read more about the ProXima line of imaging systems.

Avaliable substrate kits
Product Product number unit size per kit price
WESTAR SUN XLS063.0250 2 x 125 mL € 90
WESTAR NOVA 2.0 XLS071.0250 2 x 125 mL € 105
WESTAR ETAC 2.0 XLS070,0250 2 x 125 mL € 140
WESTAR ETAC ULTRA 2.0 XLS075.0100 2 x 50 mL € 250
WESTAR SUPERNOVA XLS3.0100 2 x 50 mL € 300

Contact support@isogen-lifescience.com for the conditions and a quotation.